Artist statement

My journey to the art world started with photography. I was never interested in documentation of reality, but in the opportunity to work using reality as an instrument, which helps me to explore the theme I am interested in. Most of my art researches result into mixed media projects.

Using photography, collage techniques, digital manipulations and sometimes poetry gives me an opportunity to express my ideas most accurately. Giving various dimensions to the theme I find extremely important.


2019 - Arts management, Dragomanova University of Kiev
2016 - Saylor Academy, Art Appreciation
2015 - Conceptual photography, PhotoCULT, Kyiv
2008 - Victor Maruschenko Photo school, Kyiv

2020 – Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation Finalists Photobook Exhibition, Delpire&Co, Paris
2018 – Solo Exhibition «Context», Izone, Kyiv
2018 – Exhibition «Synoptic» Akt, Kyiv
2017 – Exhibition «Fetish X0» Akt, Kyiv
2016 – Odessa/Batumi Photo Days. Main exhibition «Territory/Space»
2015 – Exhibition «Ukraine. Art», Institute of Contemporary Arts
2015 – Exhibition «Simulation», Gogol Fest, Kyiv
2010 – Exhibition «Confidence» ( II place in photographic contest ) Kyiv
2008 – Exhibition «Journey through the body», «Ra - Photo» Gallery, Kyiv

Photobook "My dear Vira"

2020 – Apperture Photobook Awards Shortlist
2020 – Kassel Photobook Festival Shortlist
2020 – IPA Honorable Mention
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