Who will you become when you grow up?
Do you love your mom and dad? Who is your best friend? Who do you want to become when you grow up? These questions arise in my memory along with the first memories of myself. If the answers to the first and the second have always been simple and obvious, the question of who I want to be when I grow up has always stymied me.
It seemed that this «who you will become» must happen in the early stages of my life. After all, it is clear that you will «grow up» is defined and limited in time. Relatives, teachers, friends, and finally a culture - it would seem that everyone around is trying to help to find the right answer. But the time goes by, all hints do not help and the answers continue to appear again, change and finally disappear. In my life, finding the answer to the question «who will you become when you grow up» has turned into a game similar a Rubik’s Cube. The only thing is, I’m not quite sure that this cube is assembled exclusively by me. I wonder if this game has a finale at all?
The book is my «cube», which consists of memories, quotes from people who dear to me, (or just people who are present in my memory for some reason), family photos, artifacts from my childhood, and other images that have become ingrained in my mind. So let’s start the game in order to finally reach the final.
Pages: 100
Size: 23 x 23 cm
Country: Ukraine
Year: 2021
Ukrainian edition (50 copies)
English edition (50 copies)

English version: 35 eur + shipping
Ukrainian version: 690 uah +shipping

Publications: https://www.untitled.in.ua/post/grow-up-maryna-brodovska
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